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Want to Lose Weight and Lead a Healthy Lifestyle, join our online program, which are tailor - made just for you.    

NutriFit is more than just a fitness. It is here to help people move towards a healthy lifestyle through being healthy, being fit, and clean eating. It has helped multiple members to lose/gain weight to achieve their ideal body weight through body fat and muscle mass analysis, personalized counseling, diet planning, and regular followups.
-Team NutriFit 


20 Days Trail Pack

Rs. 3,624/-


40 Days Course

Rs. 6,473/-


60 Days Course

Rs. 8,317/-

What you get with our NutriFit online program

Personalized Meal Plan and Nutrition

On-call Consulting with Workout

Follow-up and Accountability


Meet The Team


Amit Relekar

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A Corporate Marketing by profession, a fitness enthusiast and a wellness coach by passion.

He has an MBA in Marketing and has a rich experience of more than 15+ years in Corporate Marketing world. He understands health challenges faced by corporate people due to sedentary lifestyle and hence decided to cherish the dream of making a significant contribution towards the creation of healthy society.

His firm resolution is to promote Healthy Active Lifestyle to forefront in the corporate sector. He is really passionate about fitness and his biggest dream is to make World Healthier and Happier.

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Dr. Sayali Relekar

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Homeopathic Consultant by profession and holds degree of bachelor of homeopathic medicine and surgery.

She has total 8 years of experience in homeopathy, nutrition counselling, modern medicine, and clinical research.

Her passion is preventing lifestyle diseases by lifestyle modifications, as she strongly believes that prevention is better than cure.

Her mission is to promote women health by advising them about fitness and nutrition.


Tamanna Shaikh

  • Instagram

A medical transcriptional by profession and a fitness enthusiast and an animal rescuer by passion.

With over 30+ years of experience in dance, she now conducts live online Bollywood Dance workout sessions. Her mission is to help people lead an active lifestyle through dance.

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Chetan Tambde

  • Instagram

A Mortgage Underwriter by profession and a fitness enthusiast and wellness coach by passion.

He holds a

Diploma in Nutrition, Diploma in Diet Planning,


Diploma in Sports Nutrition.

He also conducts live workout session. An avid sportsperson (cricketer, runner, cyclist, and swimmer) who has played division level cricket, participated in multiple marathons, cycling races, and swim events.

Also, he has participated in Olympic distance triathlon. His mission is to help people lead a healthy lifestyle through proper nutritional guidance and home workouts.


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